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About Vivek, Psychologist in Dehradun

Allow me to introduce myself—I am Vivek, a devoted and empathetic psychologist based in the picturesque city of Dehradun, nestled amidst the tranquil landscapes of Uttarakhand, India. I am eager to share my educational and professional journey, as well as my unwavering commitment to assisting individuals who are grappling with mental health issues.

Educational Journey: M.Phil in Psychiatric Social Work

My academic expedition commenced at Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital in New Delhi, where I successfully completed my M.Phil in psychiatric social work. This program played a pivotal role in equipping me with a profound understanding of the intricacies surrounding mental health, as well as furnishing me with the requisite skills to effectively address these challenges.

Training and Areas of Expertise

I have undergone extensive training to work with individuals suffering from mental illnesses across various settings, encompassing Inpatient Departments (IPD), Outpatient Departments (OPD), and within the community. This comprehensive training has provided me with invaluable insights into the diverse needs of individuals seeking mental health support.

Specialized Services

Behavioral Therapy: Harnessing the potential of behavioral interventions to inculcate positive changes in individuals grappling with various behavioral challenges.

Marital Challenges: Offering guidance and support to couples experiencing difficulties in their relationships, with a primary focus on improving communication, conflict resolution, and rekindling intimacy.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD): Offering evidence-based interventions that facilitate the management and alleviation of OCD symptoms, ultimately reducing distress and anxiety.

Relationship Counselling: Skillfully navigating the intricate dynamics of various relationships in one’s life, aiding individuals in fostering healthier connections with others.

Stress and Trauma: Assisting individuals in developing resilience, effective coping mechanisms, and emotional stability to overcome life’s challenges.

Marriage Problems: Offering support to couples in distress, emphasizing open communication, conflict resolution, and the restoration of trust and intimacy.

Addiction Counselling: A comprehensive approach to addressing addiction, whether it pertains to substances or behavioral addictions, is provided through evidence-based practices, underpinned by a non-judgmental and supportive approach.

Language Accessibility

To ensure accessibility for a diverse range of individuals, I offer Counselling services in both Hindi and English, ensuring that language does not pose a barrier to seeking mental health support.

Flexible Counselling Options

Acknowledging the fast-paced nature of contemporary life, I recognize the importance of providing flexible Counselling options. To this end, I offer a variety of mediums for Counselling sessions, including phone calls, chat, video calls, and in-person meetings. These varied communication options empower clients to choose the method that aligns with their comfort and convenience.

Client-Centered Approach

My Counselling approach is profoundly client-centric. I adapt my methods to cater to the distinctive needs and circumstances of each individual, fostering collaboration that empowers clients to actively engage in their own healing and personal growth.

Confidentiality and Ethical Standards

Adhering to the highest ethical standards is of paramount importance in my practice. I diligently uphold the principles of confidentiality and privacy for all my clients, dedicated to fostering a therapeutic alliance founded on trust and respect.


Mental health is an integral component of overall well-being, and seeking help should be met with empathy and support, devoid of judgment. I am unwavering in my dedication to establishing a secure, confidential, and non-judgmental space where individuals can explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Your mental health is of utmost significance, and I am here to support you on your journey toward enhanced mental and emotional well-being. Whether you are wrestling with addiction, behavioral challenges, relationship issues, stress, trauma, or any other mental health concern, I am here to provide assistance. Feel free to reach out today to embark on the path toward a healthier, happier life.

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