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About Shifa, Counselling Psychologist

Shifa: Helping You Live a Meaningful Life

Greetings! I’m Shifa, a psychologist in Pune, Maharashtra, India, and I focus on assisting people on their path to self-awareness and personal development. My main goal is to promote positive thinking and self-esteem while boosting confidence and developing satisfying relationships. Anxiety, sadness, insomnia, problems with work and family, and relationship concerns are just a few of the hurdles that life can throw at us. Everyone will experience difficulties in life, but you don’t have to go through them alone.

I am committed to helping young adults and solving geriatric issues, including body image problems, relationships, work-life balance, insomnia, sadness, and anxiety. I also happily offer my services to young people, children, and the LGBTIQA+ community.

I offer a secure and inviting environment for you to begin your journey of self-discovery and personal development as your counselor. I provide a judgment-free setting where discretion is of the utmost importance and where you can count on a person-centered strategy infused with empathy. We can overcome the obstacles you encounter if we work together, and I’m determined to always be there for you.

Self-Reflection and Empowerment:

Promoting self-reflection will be a key objective of our seminars. We will learn insightful things about your life experiences by probing your ideas, feelings, and behaviors. Understanding the causes of any problems you may be having is made possible by this process of self-exploration. With this knowledge, we can pinpoint our areas for improvement and put sensible plans into action to enhance your general wellbeing.

Enhancing Self-Esteem and Confidence:

A lack of confidence can negatively affect many facets of your life and prevent you from thriving. We’ll work together to establish a solid basis for self-esteem so you may appreciate your own talents and attributes. You may handle life’s obstacles with resiliency and a positive outlook if you increase your self-confidence.

Cultivating Fulfilling Relationships:

Relationships play a significant role in our lives, and fostering positive connections is crucial for happiness and personal development. We will talk about your issues together, whether you have issues starting sincere relationships or problems resolving disagreements within ones you already have. You will receive knowledge on creating sincere connections with people as well as with yourself. You will also discover effective communication techniques.

Dealing with Life Challenges:

There are many ups and downs in life, and they can occasionally be overpowering. Many people suffer with difficulties such as work-life balance, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. In our sessions, we will create coping skills suited to your individual requirements. We will develop approaches to deal with problems head-on and build resilience in the face of difficulty together.

Specializing in Young Adults and Geriatric Concerns:

Young individuals and the elderly may have different and hard problems to overcome. The process of self-discovery and transition can be particularly challenging for young adults. On the other side, geriatric concerns frequently center on problems like isolation, making adaptations to one’s life, and dealing with loss. I have a lot of experience working with both age groups, offering insightful advice and encouragement at the many seasons of their lives.

Support for the LGBTIQA+ Community, Children, and Young Adults:

I’m committed to giving people from many backgrounds a secure and understanding space as an inclusive and affirming counselor. I am knowledgeable about the unique difficulties that the LGBTIQA+ community faces, and I am dedicated about promoting their psychological and emotional well. I also offer my services to children and young adults, helping them to sensitively and compassionately navigate the complexity of their lives.

Your Journey to Growth and Well-Being Starts Now:

It takes guts to start a journey of self-improvement and personal growth, so I applaud you for doing so. I’m here to support you through this process and lead you toward a life that is rich in self-awareness, self-assurance, and meaningful relationships.

I urge you to get in touch with me if you are prepared to embrace positive changes in your life. We will work together to design a plan that is specific to your requirements and goals. Never forget that I am here to support you along the way so that you don’t have to tackle life’s obstacles on your own. Together, let’s start along this transformational path to a happier, richer existence.

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