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About Apoorva : Dedicated Psychologist in Tagore Garden, New Delhi

Welcome to the world of Apoorva, a dedicated counselling Psychologist based in Tagore Garden, New Delhi, India. Apoorva’s passion for mental health shines through her work, which is enriched by her academic background in Public Mental Health and her Master’s degree in counselling Psychology from Amity University, Noida. With a commitment to understanding and nurturing mental well-being, she offers compassionate guidance and support to individuals facing life’s challenges.

Education and Background

Apoorva’s academic journey is characterized by her excellence in the field of mental health. She holds a Master’s degree in counselling Psychology from Amity University, Noida, and has a keen interest in Public Mental Health. This educational background has equipped her with a deep understanding of the complexities of mental well-being, enabling her to offer holistic support to her clients.

Philosophy and Approach

At the heart of Apoorva’s practice lies her belief in the transformative power of empathy and support. She understands the significant impact that compassionate guidance can have on an individual’s journey toward personal growth. Apoorva’s approach is centered on creating a safe and supportive space where individuals can explore their emotions and experiences without fear of judgment.

Tailored Support for Every Individual

Recognizing that each person’s journey is unique, Apoorva’s approach is tailored to meet the specific needs of her clients. By fostering a collaborative relationship built on trust and mutual respect, she empowers individuals to unlock their full potential and navigate life’s challenges with confidence. Whether it’s anxiety, depression, relationship issues, or stress management, Apoorva provides personalized guidance and support to address her clients’ concerns.

Areas of Expertise

Apoorva’s expertise spans a wide range of mental health concerns, reflecting her comprehensive approach to counseling. Some of the areas she specializes in include:

  • Anxiety: Offering strategies to cope with and manage anxiety disorders.
  • Breakup: Providing support through the challenging process of a breakup or divorce.
  • Child and Adolescent Counselling: Addressing the unique needs of children and teenagers.
  • Depression: Offering compassionate support for individuals struggling with depression.
  • Grief Counselling: Assisting individuals in navigating the complex emotions associated with loss and grief.
  • Hypnotherapy: Utilizing hypnosis as a therapeutic tool to address various mental health issues.
  • LGBTQ+ Counselling: Providing a safe space for individuals within the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Relationship Counselling: Assisting couples in improving communication and strengthening their bond.
  • Social Issues: Addressing social factors that impact mental health and well-being.
  • Stress Management: Equipping individuals with coping mechanisms to manage stress.
  • Time Management: Offering strategies to enhance productivity and balance in daily life.
  • Women’s Health: Addressing mental health concerns specific to women’s experiences and reproductive health.


In the bustling city of New Delhi, Apoorva stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking support in their mental health journey. With her compassionate approach, tailored support, and extensive expertise, she empowers individuals to start a path of self-discovery and resilience. As a counselling Psychologist, Apoorva is committed to nurturing mental well-being and guiding her clients toward a brighter future.

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