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About Goonja, Psychologist

Hello, I am Goonja, a psychologist based in Ahmedabad. My qualifications include a Bachelor’s in Psychology from St. Xavier’s Ahmedabad and a Masters in Clinical Psychology from MSU, Baroda.

As a therapist, my area of expertise is assisting people in navigating the difficulties of personal growth and creating deep relationships. My area of expertise is self-improvement and the development of healthy relationships, and I am passionate about helping middle-aged and adolescent people in these areas.

In order to better understand my clients’ inner selves, emotions, and habits, I often lead them through self-work. I help people understand themselves better, including their strengths, limitations, and opportunities for growth, via introspection and reflection. I help my customers develop confidence and a strong feeling of self-worth by promoting self-awareness and self-acceptance.

I have a great deal of expertise assisting people in creating and upholding healthy limits. We look at each other’s needs, values, and personal boundaries to establish effective boundaries that support self-care, respect, and healthy relationships. I offer helpful advice and practical tactics for navigating interpersonal dynamics, expressing needs, and fostering relationships based on respect and understanding.

Another essential area in which I excel is emotional regulation. I work closely with clients to help them develop the necessary abilities and methods for controlling and expressing their emotions in positive and healthy ways. I assist people negotiate the complexities of their emotions by offering a secure and judgment-free environment, which improves their emotional intelligence and resilience. I provide clients with the skills necessary to successfully manage their emotions through individualized interventions and specialized tactics, resulting in better mental health and stronger relationships.

In addition, I am committed to assisting clients in improving their interpersonal and inward relationships. I assist people in creating more satisfying interactions with family, friends, and coworkers by addressing communication habits, challenges with trust, and conflict resolution techniques. I encourage clients to develop a loving connection with themselves by highlighting the value of self-care, self-compassion, and self-reflection. I help my clients develop a strong sense of identity and good connections with others by promoting self-understanding, self-love, and self-empowerment.

In summary, my experience as a therapist spans a variety of facets of human development, such as self-work, boundary-setting, emotional control, and relationship-building. I’m committed to giving people the tools they need to overcome obstacles, realize their full potential, and lead more rewarding lives. I do this by taking a compassionate and client-centered approach.

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