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Discover Ritika: Your Trusted Psychologist in Delhi, India

Welcome to the world of mental health with Ritika, Psychologist in Delhi, India, an approved psychologist certified by the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI). Ritika holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and has completed her MSc in Clinical Psychology. Her professional journey has been defined by a relentless commitment to understanding and addressing the diverse psychological needs of individuals across all age groups.

Experience and Expertise

With extensive experience as a clinical psychologist, Ritika has navigated through various challenges with her clients. Her expertise spans from managing conditions like depression, anxiety, and anger, to navigating complex family dynamics and relationship issues. Ritika specializes in conducting psychological assessments and addressing conditions like OCD, bipolar disorder, mood disorders, dementia, and ADHD.

Holistic Approach to Therapy

Ritika’s therapeutic philosophy is rooted in the cognitive-behavioral model, which emphasizes the intricate relationship between thought patterns and behavior. She firmly believes in the power of identifying and modifying maladaptive thoughts and behaviors to facilitate positive change. By utilizing evidence-based techniques, Ritika empowers individuals to overcome obstacles and build resilience.

Comprehensive Services

Ritika offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. From cognitive assessments to behavioral interventions, she provides holistic care addressing cognitive development and emotional well-being. Experienced in addressing conditions such as autism, hoarding, substance abuse, and behavioral issues, Ritika ensures that her clients receive comprehensive support.

Creating a Safe Space

Ritika excels in creating a nurturing and non-judgmental environment where clients feel comfortable expressing themselves. Her compassionate approach fosters trust and openness, enabling clients to explore their emotions and experiences without fear of judgment or stigma.

Passion for Mental Health Advocacy

Driven by a profound passion for mental health advocacy, Ritika is committed to promoting awareness and destigmatizing conversations surrounding mental illness. Having experienced personal growth through therapy and self-awareness, Ritika is dedicated to empowering others on their journey toward healing and self-discovery.

Engaging with Clients

Ritika finds joy in engaging with clients from diverse backgrounds. She approaches each interaction with genuine interest, drawing inspiration from the unique life experiences of those she encounters. By fostering meaningful connections and providing empathetic support, Ritika guides her clients toward greater self-understanding and personal growth.


Ritika embodies more than just a psychologist; she is a compassionate ally dedicated to supporting individuals on their path to mental well-being. With her expertise, empathy, and unwavering commitment to holistic care, Ritika is ready to accompany you on your transformative journey towards empowerment and healing.

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