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About Geetika, Psychologist

Geetika: Empowering Lives through Counseling Psychology

Hello! I’m Geetika, and Gurgaon, Haryana, is where I proudly call home. My interest as a committed counselling psychologist is assisting people in overcoming psychological, behavioral, and emotional difficulties so that they can enjoy fulfilling lives. With a focus on mindfulness techniques, depression, anxiety, stress, and anger management, as well as child and adolescent counseling, I’m dedicated to empowering people to experience personal growth and wellbeing.

Background and Specialization

My training in counseling psychology has helped me to become an expert in identifying and meeting the various needs of my clients. My main areas of expertise are child and adolescent counseling, where I get the most satisfaction from pointing young people in the direction of a better future. Additionally, I am well-versed in mindfulness techniques and am a proponent of its transformational ability to improve mental health.

Expertise and Focus Areas

Numerous mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, stress, and anger management, fall under my professional purview. I have a strong desire to support people in finding their own resilience and coping skills so they may successfully deal with the challenges of life.

Values and Approach

My counseling methodology is based on three principles: empathy, respect, and a nonjudgmental attitude. I firmly believe in providing a secure and supportive environment for my patients, fostering candid conversations that aid in the therapeutic process.

Experience in Trauma and Behavioral Counseling

As a result of my considerable work with people who have endured trauma or have demonstrated challenging behaviors, I have learned a great deal about the resilience of the human mind as well as its capacity for development and healing.

Creating a Safe and Personalized Environment

I’m dedicated to offering clients individualized counseling plans made to meet their particular requirements and goals. I am able to establish strong connections with others thanks to my empathy, which helps me to establish trust and promote an environment of understanding.

Child and Adolescent Counseling

Having the opportunity to work with kids and teenagers makes my profession feel rewarding. I support my young clients through their challenges with kindness, patience, and creativity, assisting them in strengthening their resilience and acquiring vital life skills.

The Power of Mindfulness

One of the main tenets of my therapeutic strategy is mindfulness. I help my clients manage stress, anxiety, and emotion regulation by including mindfulness practices into our counseling sessions. This promotes self-awareness and tranquility.

Addressing Depression, Anxiety, and Anger

I have a lot of experience assisting people in coping with and resolving issues linked to depression, anxiety, and rage. Together, we investigate the underlying reasons of these feelings and seek to create constructive change-making techniques.

Partnering in Personal Growth

As a counselor, I play a more active role in my clients’ quest for personal development and healing than I just observe. My resolve to having a positive impact is strengthened by seeing their development and transformation.

Embracing Holistic Well-being

In order to acknowledge the interconnectedness of mental health with other facets of life, I support the promotion of holistic well-being. I want to foster enduring good changes through counseling that go beyond individual sessions.

Beyond the Profession

Beyond my work, I find comfort in being in nature and partaking in artistic endeavors like writing and painting. These activities support my balanced and introspective approach on life.


I’m Geetika, a caring counseling psychologist who is committed to enhancing people’s lives via individualized care, mindfulness exercises, and research-proven counseling methods. For my clients, a better future is shaped by my dedication to building inner strength and the creation of a safe environment for growth and healing. Let’s begin on a transforming journey of self-discovery and personal development together as we collaborate to support your mental and emotional health.

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