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7 Ways to bounce back from a breakup or a failed relationship

7 Ways to bounce back from a breakup or a failed relationship

Surviving a breakup or a failed relationship can be really difficult for some people. The phase after the breakup is filled with negative emotions, good memories from the past that are hurtful, feelings of rejection and loss and thoughts of betrayal and resentment. All of these combined can make a person go back to their ex and avoid these feelings but that is not at all the right thing to do. One should accept these feelings and manage them efficiently to grow as a person in life and protect their sobriety. Here are some ways that one can apply in life to bounce back from a failed relationship.

Best Ways to bounce back from breakup

How to get over from a breakup

Everyone is different and everyone’s way of dealing with difficult situations in life is different. The suggestions given below can help in bouncing back from a failed relationship but only if used often over a period of time.

1. Give yourself some time to heal

It is perfectly normal to experience some grief or sadness after a failed relationship. And negative emotions are even worse especially when one had hopes and dreams that didn’t get fulfilled. So, it is necessary to go ahead and cry it out. It will be a therapeutic experience to let go of all the negativity and toxicity that occurs after a breakup. Also, take a break from texting your ex and hang out people who are supportive and can calm you down. Invest your time in doing things that you enjoy and increases self-love. It will help you avoid falling into a harmful pattern of offering emotional support to your ex-partner and making things difficult for you.

Give yourself some time to heal from Breakup

2. Accept the reality and associated emotions

Accepting everything the way it is can be really helpful in the healing process. Allow yourself to grieve and be sad and acknowledge your distress. Doing this is very important as denying and avoiding overwhelming feelings can lead to mental health issues. After accepting the reality and working on your negative emotions start finding closure. Talk about your feelings and work through them, it can be really helpful for easing pain and increase comfort level. Start thinking like “that relationship was not a time waste but a grateful lesson for me. It was a blessing that it didn’t work out for me.”

3. Get rid of things that remind you of your last partner

It is one of the first things that you should do after a breakup and to bounce back from a failed relationship. One should remove all the reminders of the ex-partner to avoid worsening of the present situation. Sometimes, cutting off with the person is a healing that is required after a breakup. Remove any source that can link you and your ex-partner like social media, partner’s phone number, etc. Establish firm boundaries and stick within it for you own benefit.

After Breakup Get rid of things that remind you of your last partner

4. Do things that make you happy

Make changes in your life that will help you in bouncing back from a breakup and even help in your personal growth as well. Start practicing self-care and self-love and take care of your physical, emotional and practical needs. Get good quality of sleep, hangout with other people, exercise daily, invest your time in hobbies, learn a new skill, do all your chores on daily basis, make new goals in life and plan your life ahead. All of these things will keep you busy enough to not think about your past and help you to move on.

5. Replace negative thoughts with the positive ones

It is normal for people to think negative all the time after a breakup. As people start feeling guilt, angry and sad, no wonder they develop negative thoughts in their mind. Develop positive self-talk statements instead of negative ones. Stop entry of thoughts like “I am not good enough”, “There must be something wrong with me” and “I am not attractive” into your mind. Don’t allow negativity come into your life and impact your future and personal growth. To bounce back from a failed relationship, give yourself positive self-talks all the time like “I love everyone who comes into my life” and “I am the best version of myself”.

Replace negative thoughts with the positive ones after breakup

6. Avoid self-destructive behaviours

Feelings of shame, guilt, failure and negative self-talk can make a person engage in self-destructive behaviours like cutting oneself, destroying things, etc. Whenever you feel guilty and sad, take all of the negativity as a lesson and move on from it. Look at the positive aspects of even the negative and difficult situation of your life and try to feel better. Become aware of your triggers and be prepared before time to manage them properly.

7. Reach out to others for help

While feeling overwhelmed due to negative emotions being experienced after a breakup, one can reach out to others for help. You can call or text your friend or anyone you trust and talk to them to distract yourself from the negative emotions. It will give you break from negativity and thus when you feel energized again you can manage that negativity. Talk to someone who you feel comfortable with, or someone who has experience the same thing or you join a group of people going through breakups.

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